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Well to say I'm in it for the money would only be accurate if I really made any.  The truth is if I ever sat down and figured out how many hours a week I put into this site and my others Sex Stories Home,
Ashleys Erotic Behavior, and Taboo Sex Blog just to name a few I'd assume the fetal position and cry like a baby.  So many hours, days, and years I will never get back and in the end the only thing that matters is the only thing you could never buy, time.

Ok, well I got that off my chest.  So you really want to know a little about me? 

I'm a fifty something year old woman who lives in a small town near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  I have lived here my entire life, and I will be buried here some day.  Sure I've done some traveling, vacationing at some real fun places but this is my home.

I'm a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, aunt, and niece. 

I enjoy hiking in the woods, and playing in the dirt. 

I'm a cancer survivor so I always stop to smell the roses.

I'm not rich but I'm happy, I have everything I need.  My friends and family are my true treasures and I try to spend as
much time with them as I can. 

I hope you enjoy reading the thoughts that pour from my sometimes perverted mind as much as I love sharing them. 

F.Y.I. I still like money so if you think I deserve something for my time you can contribute a to my cause by visiting A1 Adult Books
and checking out their selection.
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